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Serving God First


You can help us
By sharing your time
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Share your time with us - Volunteer for a good cause!

"To show great love for God and our neighbour we need not do great things.
It is how much love we put in the doing that makes our offering something beautiful for God."
-Mother Teresa
The LOVE ALL athletes are simply looking for the kind human beings to be around with them. We appeal to you that you can spend some time with our athletes. You can share a joke or a story with them. You can sing and dance if you feel like doing for them. Our athletes will surely like you for the things you do for them. 

Our athletes in turn will share with you some of the most interesting things that happened in their lives.

We guarantee you that not only our athletes, but you too will enjoy the time you spend together. We are sure that you will be eagerly looking forward for the next time you want to spend your time at LOVE ALL.

Please contact us to scedule your Volunteer information appointment. Simply contact:



  • Champion a program – The opportunity to support a component of the LOVE ALL program such as “Books & Breakfast."
  • Career Ready Support Pathways– Opportunity for companies to support  students in various career paths including STEM, Healthcare, Business, Entrepreneurship with leadership lunches, team building, mentorship, etc.
  • Fundraising events – Smok'en BBQ - Your company or church group can partner for a fun out food and activity event.
  • Sponsor an athelete – Each athlete that is committed to 5 years of programming. We estimate it is a $15,000 investment. The goal is to connect with an athlete and support them throughout the program.
  • Volunteer – Volunteeer opportunities include: Student Selection, speaking, hosting a leadership lunch, joining a committee, supporting events and pathways

Contact rocky@ for more information about partnering.

make check payable to: LOVE ALL
Mail to: 3508 Maryville Pike - Knoxville Tennessee 37920
LOVE ALL is a registered non-profit corporation.